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Design innovations to Deal with PCB Supply Chain Disruptions & Price Upsurges

Are you facing PCB shortages, delays, price surges and supply chain issues?

The PCB industry is facing significant to severe disruptions in the supply chain. OEMs are finding it difficult to source some electronic components. Others are struggling with the rising costs of sourcing and freighting components or raw materials.

Avoid costly delays and supply chain issues: Our design engineering team uses innovative approaches to resolve your problems:

  • We find alternative components that are readily available and suggest flexible engineering implementations to counter shortages.
  • We will make engineering modifications to change or accommodate an alternate component footprint and beat the raw material sourcing price upsurges.
  • We may re-engineer and port firmware to an in-stock MCU, and resolve lead times especially for long-lead components.
  • We will review your existing design and suggest alternative implementations to drive the total design costs down, while simultaneously addressing current supply chain issues
  • We apply nominal and corner case analysis to find a resolution that kickstarts your stalled production, while ensuring we stick to industry best practices at all times.
  • We beat freight costs surges with locally produced and sourced components and chips.
  • We help you maintain operational continuity and also optimize your PCB BOMs.

Add agility in your design and manufacturing processes across your product life cycle with our full-service, turnkey contract manufacturing services and consignment PCB assembly. Get in touch with us for a custom resolution to your PCB hurdles.

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“Switching to M.I.S. gave us the personal attention and reliable communication we needed to get our project done right. After major disappointments with our former pcb assembly firm, we went looking for a better vendor and found M.I.S. Electronics online. Our finished product quality was excellent. Great job!

Hanif M.






Get your high-quality product to market on time, on-target, and grow your business.



Tested, proven world-class electronics design, prototyping & PCB assembly



Work with an experienced North American team: QA every step of the way and real-time support.



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MIS Electronics leads the industry with end-to-end custom PCB manufacturing. We are real people with a passion for electronics. So if you’re looking for a team of experts you can trust to reduce your operating costs and deliver high-quality assembly, from custom PCB design to fast market-ready production, we’re looking for you, too. We’re excited to help you turn your concept into added revenue using the most advanced technology innovation and PCB machinery available today. 

We’re guided by extremely high manufacturing standards backed by multi-stage quality control and customer care every step of the way. Our aim is to develop deep connections that lead to lifetime partnerships. So let’s start an exciting conversation! We’ll walk you through the process from idea to assembly to testing to delivery (all under one roof). Grow your business with a trusted North American resource that delivers long-lasting, affordable turnkey solutions—at any volume.


We love bringing ideas to life. We have since 1998. Back then, founder Saeid Mohmedi had his own idea: he wanted to help people power their imaginations with electronics. He did that for his first client, Genesis Microchip Inc.—from his basement.

Fast forward 22 years. MIS has grown into an award-winning 40,000 sq ft international PCB design, engineering, assembly, and manufacturing plant with 4 SMT lines and over 70 employees. MIS continues to lead the way, innovating products like sensor-operated faucets and LED lighting systems.

Saeid’s dream to empower imaginative innovation is stronger than ever. 

“We don’t just aim for customer satisfaction; we are in pursuit of a higher standard. We like to think of it as ‘customer delight.’ Our approach to business is customer-centric, and we have established a solid infrastructure to support this.”


We innovate


Our commitment to customer success has earned us a proud spot as a leader in the turnkey PCB assembly industry. We continually look for new ways to improve production line efficiency, move technology forward, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We deliver the fastest full-service solution for all ideas.  


Whether your business is big or small, M.I.S. Electronics has helped 100’s of companies just like yours find highly-effective, flexible electronics manufacturing solutions. This video highlights five success stories that demonstrate the trust we’ve built over the decades. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our process and we are excited to help you on your journey to success.

MIS in the medical field


There is no greater reward than saving a life. Doctors, nurses, clinicians, and first responders depend on cutting-edge technology and electronics. Today’s medical equipment ranges from small wearable devices that promote wellness to full-body imaging that analyzes the health of internal organs. These medically-advanced solutions are built with electronic components and PCBs…


Aerospace • Audio/visual • Automotive • Commercial Communications • Consumer Products • Industrial • LED Lights Medical • Military • Oil & Mining • Security 


IoT • Sensors • Commercial 2-way radios • Elevator controls Bluetooth products • HVAC systems • Ground water sensors


Your vision is a few steps away from the real thing. We exist to help your concept take shape. Whether you’re looking for a preliminary cost estimate or answers about the production process, let’s start here with an online quote.

MIS free consult

Circuit board assembly is one piece of the turnkey puzzle. Trust MIS Electronics to manage your product from custom design to delivery, ensuring a retail-ready board without errors.

  • On-time delivery
  • Cost control
  • Fast prototyping
  • Highest quality
  • Total care support


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MIS Electronics Inc.
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Electronics careers


Our Office

MIS Electronics Inc.
174 West Beaver Creek Rd.
Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 1B4 Canada
ISO 9001:2015 registered
ISO 13485:2016 registered

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm (EST)
Sat-Sun: Closed

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1 905-707-2305

Electronics careers


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